Crochet Island Jacket with Hood.

This Jacket with Hood simple crochet. front post  only & back loop only repeatation vertical, I put pocket also. my measurement is 44" 
Chain 86 +2, foundation ch2 turn your work.
row 3 Dc back loop only,
row 4 ch2 front post loop  stitch, repeat until the desire you want, arm holes  26 stitches from shoulder. same in the front. hood from collar 15 " sleeve I measure my arm holes 91/2" I did double crochet, you can make your own design your arm holes which ever you like.

crochet V-Stitch blouse.

This pattern V-stitch very easy. only one back & front,
chain whatever measurement back or front whenever you start front or back does not matter as long after you desire length then form your neck line.
I  chain 70 because lrg. double crochet across, Ch 2 turn skip 2- 1 dc- ch1 dc same stich continue across, ch2 - 1 dcsame stich,
this is repeatation. my sh.8" left, 8" right sh.
then  continue your front panel of this blouse. if you reach desire length then sew each side. you finished your blousem

Sweater for Winter.

To start ribbing Slip Stitch until you reach measument around your hips, joint single crochet around. Half dc repetation around 'till to your waist. start working your back pannel back & fort, until to your neck & length you want.
turn to your front pannel but do not connect the side because you have to make your armhole. content 'till you reach the length even your back pannel in the back, both extended 3 row for shoulder join back & front.
The sleeve start from the wrist ribbing working to armhole increases. 

Spring Sweater

Pull over  Spring Sweater, Crossed Double Crocher Stich.
Make ribbing 44 " large size.  chain 10 st, crochet only back loop, repeat this until you
have 44 inches total stitch always 9 stich.
Then join start your crossed stitch, 'till you reach the length of your sweater. only 1 piece back & front.

Cardigan Jacket.

This Jacket very easy to make just  dc,
red hrt yrn,  5 mm hook .
chain 140 sts.
row 1  Ch 2 skip 1 st, dc this repeatation until you reach the length you want. I used 2 color
mentioned & white,  winter cardigan.

Summer blouse crochet

This summer or winter blouse crochet.
red hrt yrn
6.5 mm hook, 2 1/2 skins I used.
Ch 130 lrg
Ch 2, skip 2, dc 2 st,  all around,
 repeat row 1 until you reach the length
  • you want. 
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