crochet V-Stitch blouse.

This pattern V-stitch very easy. only one back & front,
chain whatever measurement back or front whenever you start front or back does not matter as long after you desire length then form your neck line.
I  chain 70 because lrg. double crochet across, Ch 2 turn skip 2- 1 dc- ch1 dc same stich continue across, ch2 - 1 dcsame stich,
this is repeatation. my sh.8" left, 8" right sh.
then  continue your front panel of this blouse. if you reach desire length then sew each side. you finished your blousem

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knitcro do hook

Unique knit with 2 crochet hook-clove hitch stitch.

Morning robe. Very simple one row repeat, Using with 2 crochet hook -- Clove Hitch Stitch.