Knooking"Fence"Lace Stitch.

 Cast on 14- this sample.

row- 1-  Purl across all stitch.

row-2 -Pass first stitch, yo knit repeat across the last stitch  just knit.

row-3- repeat row 1 & 2. Just that simple

you can make Afghan, Vest, Cardigan, Pillow case etc.

Zig Zag crochet.

 Chain whatever length you want.

row- 1- double crochet, chain 1 turn your work.

row -2-Single crochet or dc if you want wide gap. 

row-3 - 3 sc in one  every  stitch across, chain 2 - dc across, turn your work.

This is only repeatation untill you want length  & wide.

Tunisian Sc and Back loop crochet for beginners.

Round place mat & round coaster crochet.

 Magic Ring

row1- 12 dc into the ring,
row2- 24 dc around,
row3- 36 dc around,
row4-50 dc around,
row5-66 dc around,
row6- 72 dc around,
row7-76 dc around,
row 8-90- dc around, 
row 9-114 dc around,
row10-124 dc around
row 11- 40 peacot for the boarder,
3 dc, in the 3rd St chain 3, slip st to make peacot.

round Coaster.
Magic Ring- same 12 into the ring.
row 2- 24 dc around,
row3 -36 dc "
row4-50 dc
row5-  17 single crochet , peacot boader, same 3 SC in the 3rd St chain 3 slip st to make peacot for boarder.

knitcro do hook

Balik knitcrochet bralette

 This is knit crochet bralette.